Sunday, May 20, 2012

Work Day On Tuesday 1-4 pm MEB 252

Yay! The threaded rods are in, so there is nothing stopping you from building your frame. Come on in to MEB 252 on Tuesday the 22nd and get to work. We will also chat about what is left to buy so I can submit orders if you would like to buy with the group.You can also work on Big Reg related stuff such as hooking up its electronics and getting it to move.

Last Friday we had an excellent work day. Big Red is now in one piece and looking great. Hopefully Brandon will post a link to his time-lapse video if it came out. Adam also cast more Clonedel parts so if you didn't have a set but you paid for one, now you do. And finally, Matt (not me) gave us a boost by cutting all of the smooth rod for us. Thanks Matt, that was a bit help.

Hope to see you Tuesday. MEB 252 not Loew.


  1. What about bearings?

  2. We have enough to start. But we need to order more.

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  4. Any chance of another build day on Thursday or Friday soon? Mondays and Tuesdays are always full for me :(

    1. I'm pretty sure that there is build day scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday). Matt, can we get a confirmation?

  5. Yes, work day on Thursday 1-6 pm. Yee Haw. And Brandon I just set you up as a contributor.