Friday, November 30, 2012

Some Contests UW WOOFers Might Be Interested In

International Symposium on Green Manufacturing and Applications (ISGMA 2013)

Call for Abstract

International Symposium on Green Manufacturing and Applications (ISGMA 2013)
June 25(Tue)~29(Sat), 2013
Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, Hawaii, USA (

The International Symposium on Green Manufacturing and Applications 2013 will be held at Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, ( in Hawaii, USA, on June 25(Tue)~29(Sat), 2013.

Topics and Scope
The topics of ISGMA 2013 cover all aspects of green manufacturing and applications including the areas listed below.
          Design & Manufacturing
-          Machinery / Aerospace / Electronics / Plant / Robot / EV / Hybrid Car
-          CAD / CAE / CAM / PLM / SCM / Optimization / Reverse Engineering
-          Appropriate Technology / QoLT / Medical Technology / Bio Technology
-          Reliability Analysis / PHM / Faulty Diagnostics and Prognostics
          Energy Saving & Waste Reduction
-          Machining / Forming / Grinding / Casting / Forging / Molding / Joining
-          Micro · Nano / Laser / Energy-beam / Printed Electronics
-          3D Printing / RP&M / R2R / Electro-chemical / Non-traditional
-          Re-manufacturing / Recycle / MQL
          New · Renewable Energy
-          Solar / Wind / Bio / Hydrogen Energy / Fuel Cell
-          Energy Harvest / Storage / Conversion / Recovery
          Light · Eco-friendly Material & Structure
-          Natural / Bio-inspired / Light-weight / Flexible / Powder / Multifunctional
-          Metals / Ceramics / Polymers / Composites / FGM / Graphene
-          Smart Material & Structure / Photonic / Display
          Energy · Environment Management and Policy
-          Green Factory / Strategy / Policy
-          LCA / Environmental Impact Assessment
-          Smart Grid / IT Applications / Energy Monitoring
Important Dates of Submission
          Abstract Submission: December 31, 2012
          Acceptance Notification: February 28, 2013
          Early Registration: April 1, 2013
          Full Paper Submission (optional): April 30, 2013


The UW's Environmental Innovation Challenge

Prototype funding Application:

DUE December 16, 2012

Cleantech Innovation + Market Opportunity = Solutions for the Planet

The University of Washington has a challenge for you. If you have a passion for clean technology, the smarts to play in the emerging “green economy,” and desire to make an impact, the UW Environmental Innovation Challenge is your opportunity... and chance to win $10,000. The UW Environmental Innovation Challenge is on April 4, 2013.

In the UW EIC, interdisciplinary student teams define an environmental problem, design and develop the solution, and produce both a prototype (proof of concept/computer simulation) and business summary that demonstrates the market opportunity. Teams are judged - by Seattle-area industry cleantech experts, entrepreneurs, and cleantech investors - on their prototypes(or computor simulations), pitches and business summaries, plus the potential impact of their innovation. Can your idea reduce environmental impacts, improve ecological sustainability, conserve resources and compete in the marketplace? Prove it.

Innovations in Clean Technology – Fall Practicum

Unique interdisciplinary course focuses on innovative cleantech solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges and turning those innovations into exciting businesses to bring them to market. Topics include alternative and renewable energy and energy efficiencies, green building, and transportation.
The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship produces the UW Environmental Innovation Challenge in partnership with the College of Engineering and the College of the Environment.


Primary Care: Medical Technology

We want to call your attention to the upcoming fifth annual round of this exciting award competition for engineering students, nation-wide.  This generous Prize, sponsored by a private donor and administered by the MGH and CIMIT, is designed to reward technology innovations directed at clinically important needs in Primary Healthcare.  The top three student teams will receive $150,000, $100,000 and $50,000, respectively!

We would greatly appreciate your help in promulgating news of this opportunity to your engineering department chairs, as this may be of intense interest to graduate or undergraduate students in any engineering department or bioengineering program. 

Details of the award can be at  A Prize flyer is available at for posting or distribution.  As potentially helpful background, the announcement of the winners of last year’s awards can also be found at

The first step for an entrant is the generation of a two-page preliminary description by January 21th, 2013.  From those, ten Finalists will be chosen, and each of those will receive $10,000 to use in their work toward the full final entry due in June.  The three major winners will then be chosen and the funds disbursed to their institutions for stewardship. 

The entry criteria for this major prize will simply require the students to obtain an "Institutional Letter of Support" from a Department Head, business official or Dean.  We wanted to alert you to that administrative requirement, and assure you that all that is required is verification on letterhead that the student entrant is indeed a student in good standing and that if he/she wins, that the school will accept the money on behalf of support of the student's work on the project going forward.  We simply need stewardship of the student’s winnings as a gift to the school for the expenses of supporting the project.  The winning student(s) may then draw on the funds for any project-relevant purpose.

Thank you for your attention and help in distributing this announcement to bioengineering Faculty for their students’ use.

Yours truly,

Ronald Newbower, PhD
Co-founder, CIMIT
Strategic Advisor, Massachusetts General Hospital, Ambulatory Practice of the Future


Good luck!

Grawmet Parts Diagram

Some of you are looking at your Grawmet cast parts and aren't sure what everything is called. Here is a picture with parts labeled. Edit: Improved image courtesy of Dharma. Thanks Dharma.

Our start to documentation can also be found at Thanks to Aaron for heading up that effort. If you guys think of anything you think should be on the documentation that isn't there yet, let us know through comments on this post or emailing Aaron or myself. We want it to be top-notch documentation before the end of the year.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Great News for Grawmet Builders

To all WOOFers who ordered Grawmet kits,

The parts are finally in! Over the next few days Brandon Bowman and I will be preparing the parts (cutting rods and so forth). This means the completed kits will be ready for you on Friday at noon.

This week's open workroom hours are devoted to assembling Grawmets. If you can make it come in and get started. It is entirely conceivable that you will have a printer working before finals week! Depending on your experience/familiarity with this type of project, expect full assembly to take a minimum of 2 hours and upwards of 6 in the workroom before you start the testing/calibration phase. There are a lot of variables that will affect this time though. Brandon and I will both be on hand to help wherever we are needed.

Things you may want to bring with you:

  • Your enthusiasm. This will be fun!
  • Your laptop for testing your electronics if you think you'll get to the testing phase. Because we have a limited number of power outlets in the room you should fully charge your laptop's battery before you show up. If you don't have a laptop I'm sure someone in the room will be willing to let you plug in your printer to theirs.
  • Safety glasses if you don't like using community safety glasses.
  • A few hand tools if you have them. The group has all the tools to complete the build but if you bring in your own it means less waiting for the guy next to you to finish using the tool that you need. The only hand tools you need are hex keys (all the bolts use 2.5mm, 2 mm, and 1.5mm hex keys), something to hold nuts with (like a small adjustable wrench or small pliers), and wire crimpers. 
The three tools I used most in assembly: small needle-nose pliers, 2.5mm hex key, and wire crimper.

I don't think anyone has slipped through the cracks, but if there are any of you who have paid for your Grawmet but not been through the safety briefing please contact me so we can get that taken care of.

I appreciate those of you that have shown patience as the parts have been shipping. In exchange for your patience you have the assurance that you're receiving good parts without over-spending or going through the headache of sourcing parts individually.

I hope to see you all on Friday. Until then, don't forget to be awesome.

-Mark Hanson

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Hey Workroom Users,

We need to get better about cleaning up after using the workroom.  If you don't know where something goes, ask someone.  We need to keep the tables clear so that other members can use the space.
Those who are dressing their Grawmet parts: don't forget to sweep up after using the sander or dremel. I'm finding purple dust everywhere these days.

If you have any ideas of how we can best keep the workroom clean, please let me know.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Break - Workroom

Brandon B is willing to hold a Open Workshop this Friday (Nov 23) if we get at least 10 interested members.  So if you want to come in and work on Friday leave a comment to this post with your name.  If you see 10 names by Friday 8am, you'll know that the room will be open.

Have a great looooooooooong weekend,

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just Getting Started?

Are you a 3D Print-Beginner?  Need some help understanding what 3D printing is, can do, how to do it yourself?
Check out Jason Webb's "3D printing: quick start guide"

Make Mag. Meet up @ Metrix Create Space

Calling all Makers,    Make Magazine is having a Maker event at Metrix Create Space again this year.
More details on the Metrix Create Space FB page.   This Thursday @ 6 pm  and it's free.  
.... M

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nov 6 Meeting: ME 495 & Such

Hey Fabbers,

In case you had to miss the meeting today, here's a quick summary

ME 495/ ME 499

Winter 2013, Professor Ganter will be offering the ME 499 option (1-2 cr) of Spring 2013's ME 495's projects.  There is a choice of three projects:
     1) Large frame printer
     2) Sand printer
     3) Molten glass printer (requires some time off campus at a glass studio in Ballard)

Those interested are asked to pick up a ME 495/ME 499/ME 498 Permission Request form from the ME front office (they are located in a spinning tower of forms by the mail room)

Fill out the form and post it to Professor Ganter's pegboard outside his office on the third floor.  Please also e-mail him that you've done so.
Also feel free to e-mail him or myself (Bethany) if you have any questions.

If you plan to graduate Winter Qtr or need ME 495 offered that quarter for any other reason, let Professor Ganter or myself know.

Other Winter Course Offerings

Professor Storti is also offering a ME 498 called Voxel Modeling Winter Quarter.  It is at the permission of the instructor, so if you are interested in using Voxel Modeling to develop a smooth surface, send him and Margo Segimoto an e-mail.

Professor Ganter is also offering a DIFFERENT ME 498 called Advanced Rapid Prototyping.  So if you are interested in working with the Zcorp powder printers or Stratasys take his course Winter.


3D4D Challenge Win

For those who have been curious: Matt, Brandon, and myself needed some time to figure out how the 3D4D Challenge Win was going to affect WOOF.  In short, the company that is being created is a separate entity.  We are still your fellow members and deeply committed to the WOOF cause of helping members out with their own printers, improving and expanding current 3D printing technology, and just generally spreading awareness of the capabilities of 3D printing.  We three will be using part of the winnings to help fund some of WOOF's projects and look forward to working along side everyone on open-source projects.

WOOF's Constitution and Charter

I have created two new pages on our blog: one with the Constitution required by UW SAO in order to get an RSO status,  the other with WOOF's actual structural Charter.  The Charter is still under construction and I am constantly looking for people to fill vacancies.  Feel free to read through either and give me feedback on anything.

Printing in PLA?

Do you have a printer up and running? Want to help out a fellow WOOF member on an awesome project involving: microwaves, molten metal, and 3D printing?  Corwin is looking for some assistance in his research into lost-PLA casting with his microwave furnace.
If you are interested in getting in contact with him (and don't know how) send me (Bethany) an e-mail and I'll get you two connected.

Keep Fab-ing,

Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Member Meeting

Hey Fabbers!

Professors Ganter and Storti are calling an all group meeting to discuss how the 3D4D winning affects or does not affect the WOOF group AND to talk about the ME 495/Me 498 that will be offered next Winter and Spring quarters.

Day: Tuesday Nov 6 - Voting Day
Time: 3:30 - 4:30
Place: ME 252

I hope to see you there!