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  1. Found this site while delving deep into the depths of the internet... I know Tyler will wish he had found this earlier!

    This site has (apparently) complete bills of materials for a huge amount of printers; Ultimaker, Replicator, and PrintrBots, to name a few.

  2. Hopefully, you guys know about 'cause it's awesome. :)

    3D printing in Nylon, wha? Also, awesome.



    Additive manufacturing in space. Need I say more?

  4. Hey guys,
    I ran into one of your members at where I work, at a hardware store up north.
    I'm starting a laser cutting/engraving business and am looking to people to want to help in reducing startup costs. In exchange, they'll get things like reduced laser time.
    Anyone who might be interested, I'm asking to fill out the form here:

    Zot Lasers


    Metrix aniversary party! A great way to check out the space and meet a ton of like minded people!

    A little blurb on the facebook invite:
    3 Years. More space, more robots, more capabilities, more awesome people (yes, we mean you). Come down and mix it up with the Metrix Create:Space staff, regulars, friends and family. Snacks and drinks provided. Alcohol for 21+ (with ID)

  6. So if I understand correctly, this is the 3D printing club at UW. I was wondering what it takes to join (process, etc.), as well as when the club meets. Thanks!


    Conductive filament for 3D printing of electronic sensors. Check it and see.

  8. I see a tremendous opportunity for traditional lost-wax casting if there could be an additional heated head added to a 3d printer. The least enjoyable part of casting bronze for me was adding all of those sprues. Printing in wax is one of those materials that is cheap AND versatile. Of course one could skip the entire wax process if one could print directly with slurry. Current slurry recipes have gotten better...colloidal silica, a latex glue, ammonium alginate, a wetting agent, milled zircon, tabular alumina, glass rock and an anti-foaming agent. If you could alter that formula for 3d printing you would change the game completely. Backyard smelters would finally get to be a part of this new process. Heck just 3d printing in foam would make one of the oldest methods of metalcasting possible. Relief sand casts can be made with simple foam molds.

  9. I posted to your open 3dp "help us" section with a project submission request. Let me know what you guy think.


  10. Hello Fabbers!

    We like what you're doing here. Not sure if this group is in need of PLA and ABS filament, but we can help you with that. We are very new to the market and offer educational discounts. Nothing would please us more than to be associated with a group of this nature and caliber.

    DC Plastico

  11. Feeding The Future

    Hi, this his is my mom's farm and she has so many dreams she would like to make happen, the farm is her passion and life, if you know anyone that would be interested in helping to support her and us by donation to this, it would mean so much. All the information is in this link above. Thank you for your time. God bless you

  12. We want to let you know about a contest we are running. The top 3D printable design for the home will win a MakerBot Digitizer (3D Scanner)!

    Please pass this on and let all the makers and creators that you know get involved!

    Drew Taylor
    Cofounder, CEO

  13. Greetings Fabbers!

    I read an old article in the Seattle Times about a Mechanical Engineering student at the U.W. who created a 3d printer that used cut up, used plastic milk jugs as it's raw material. Apparently it would melt the plastic from the strips, and then print with it. It was written in November of 2012. The article said that he(Rogge) and his other two partners planned to sell them at roughly $3,000.

    The third world DESPERATELY needs this technology. One of those printers could save thousands of lives, every year. I know many people who would want one, including myself. What ever happened with those three people who created this garbage eating 3d printer? Is there anywhere I can buy one of these? Is there anybody who could make me one of these?

    Thank you,
    Christopher Odland

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