Monday, October 22, 2012

WOOF has won the 3D4D Challenge!

Last week, as you may know if you've been keeping up with the blog, WOOF officers Bethany Weeks, Matt Rogge, and Brandon Bowman journeyed to London to attend the finals of the 3D4D Challenge. On Friday, October 19th, they, along with the 6 other finalists, gave presentations on their proposals to a panel of judges. These presentations were streamed at 9:00 AM, PST. The results were supposed to show up at 1:00 PM, PST, so the club workroom was abound with excitement as the hour drew near. 1:00 came... and went! By 1:30, we had all decided that the judges must have had a hard decision on their plate. We went about our business, disappointed but still hopeful.

And that hope was not unfounded! At nearly 9:00 PM, PST, word started getting around that WOOF had won the 3D4D challenge! Tweets by the 3D4D panel themselves made it official. You can check out the official announcement at the link below:

This is just the story from our side of the pond... Once our beloved officers come back to the states (and get caught up on school), we will hopefully have even more stories to share. But for now, enjoy these two pictures from the event.

The Finalists (minus Boris) and William Hoyle - Picture taken by Rosie

The 3D Printed Trophy

This is an exciting first step in a new direction for WOOF! Huge thanks to the 3D4D challenge and its sponsors for making this all possible!

Friday, October 19, 2012

How to Get Your Own Printer!

To all WOOFers,

It's the time many of you have been waiting for. I have priced out parts for the Grawmet. By doing a group order we can get the price down to $300. This gets you a box with all the parts inside ready to be assembled. The box will even have your name on it so you'll know it's yours.

Because we want to get rocking and rolling soon I must have the money by 5:00 pm on Friday (26 OCT). Cash or check is fine. The sooner you have your money turned in the better! I am trying to negotiate bulk discounts with the vendors and if I can specify how large our order will be then I have more leverage to save us more money. If I am able to save us a significant amount through bulk discounts then you guys get the savings returned to you. I hope that's incentive!

Next week if I'm on campus and not in class I will be in the work room with the door open. Come in and turn in your money. I'm the only one who will be taking money for this. Kits will be assembled on a first paid, first served basis. So if your money is in first thing Monday you will be in the first wave of kits. If you wait until last thing on Friday, you could potentially wait a while if there are problems (like back orders and the like). I hope that's even more incentive to get your money in soon. 

If you won't have the money turned in until later in the week, but know for certain that you will be joining the order please email me so I get a more accurate count of how many people will be participating in the order. To be clear: that doesn't get you in the order queue any earlier. It just helps me as I negotiate with vendors for price breaks. You will be placed in the order queue when your money is turned in.

If for some reason you are unable to muster up the $300 by Friday we will host other group orders in the future that you should be able to get in on.

If there are any questions please feel free to email me. Put the subject [Grawmet Order] in the subject line so I can identify it right away. My email is I look forward to facilitating this group order. And as always: don't forget to be awesome.

-Mark Hanson
WOOF Treasurer

Today's Open Workshop

Hi All,

Today we will be hosting Open Workshop as usual but it will not begin until 12:20. With half of our officers across the pond, no one will be available to open the room until then.

For those of you itching to get your printers built there is good news: we will be accepting payments next week and placing orders. I have a few variables to pin down but it looks like our initial estimate of $300 was pretty darn accurate. I'll put a post on this blog when we are officially taking orders.

It's been brought to my attention that some of you who are still building Clonedels are missing some of the resin parts. I've helped a few individuals already, but I'm sure there are more. If you're missing anything drop by between 12:20 and 5 and I can get you what you need. If we don't have the part you're missing in the pile of spares I'll be sure to cast it this weekend and get it to you ASAP. If you're not sure if you're missing anything bring your printer in (or pictures of your printer) and I'll be able to tell you if you've got everything.

Don't forget to be awesome,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

With love, From London Town

Hello Fabbers,

This is Bethany and I am in London with Brandon B and Matt for the 3D4D Challenge:

Our proposal centers around Oaxaca, Mexico where we plan to bring our large printer, filament extruder, shredder, and some desktop printers.  We plan to start out by printing composting latrines and rainwater collection system components to aid Water for Human's design to provide good sanitation and clean drinking water to the locals.

There will be live stream of the presentations Friday at 5pm BST at:

Bethany Weeks

Edit from Mark:
I just did the math. The live stream is at 9am local time. I encourage you to watch and cheer our group on from across the world!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tomorrow's Open Lab

Hi all,

This is a reminder that this Friday (12 OCT) we have a special workshop about 3D printing basics. It starts at noonish. Those of you who are just getting into 3DP will get the most out of this presentation.

We're also interested in finding out what else you guys want to know about. This workshop is first of hopefully several. Drop on by to the workroom and let us know what else you want to know about and if there's enough interest we'll make it happen!

If you have a particular project you want to be a part of (metal printing / 3D copier / filament extruder / etc) you may want to swing by and find like minded individuals to begin forming project groups. You may even officially form the groups and get the ball rolling.

If you have not attended a safety briefing yet you can do a make-up, but it won't be until after the presentation.

Hope to see you Friday!