Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nov 6 Meeting: ME 495 & Such

Hey Fabbers,

In case you had to miss the meeting today, here's a quick summary

ME 495/ ME 499

Winter 2013, Professor Ganter will be offering the ME 499 option (1-2 cr) of Spring 2013's ME 495's projects.  There is a choice of three projects:
     1) Large frame printer
     2) Sand printer
     3) Molten glass printer (requires some time off campus at a glass studio in Ballard)

Those interested are asked to pick up a ME 495/ME 499/ME 498 Permission Request form from the ME front office (they are located in a spinning tower of forms by the mail room)

Fill out the form and post it to Professor Ganter's pegboard outside his office on the third floor.  Please also e-mail him that you've done so.
Also feel free to e-mail him or myself (Bethany) if you have any questions.

If you plan to graduate Winter Qtr or need ME 495 offered that quarter for any other reason, let Professor Ganter or myself know.

Other Winter Course Offerings

Professor Storti is also offering a ME 498 called Voxel Modeling Winter Quarter.  It is at the permission of the instructor, so if you are interested in using Voxel Modeling to develop a smooth surface, send him and Margo Segimoto an e-mail.

Professor Ganter is also offering a DIFFERENT ME 498 called Advanced Rapid Prototyping.  So if you are interested in working with the Zcorp powder printers or Stratasys take his course Winter.


3D4D Challenge Win

For those who have been curious: Matt, Brandon, and myself needed some time to figure out how the 3D4D Challenge Win was going to affect WOOF.  In short, the company that is being created is a separate entity.  We are still your fellow members and deeply committed to the WOOF cause of helping members out with their own printers, improving and expanding current 3D printing technology, and just generally spreading awareness of the capabilities of 3D printing.  We three will be using part of the winnings to help fund some of WOOF's projects and look forward to working along side everyone on open-source projects.

WOOF's Constitution and Charter

I have created two new pages on our blog: one with the Constitution required by UW SAO in order to get an RSO status,  the other with WOOF's actual structural Charter.  The Charter is still under construction and I am constantly looking for people to fill vacancies.  Feel free to read through either and give me feedback on anything.

Printing in PLA?

Do you have a printer up and running? Want to help out a fellow WOOF member on an awesome project involving: microwaves, molten metal, and 3D printing?  Corwin is looking for some assistance in his research into lost-PLA casting with his microwave furnace.
If you are interested in getting in contact with him (and don't know how) send me (Bethany) an e-mail and I'll get you two connected.

Keep Fab-ing,

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