Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Place for Big Red

Beth and Adam did some excellent work to secure us with a place to set up Big Red. It is temporary, but we don't have much time anyway. It is in the drafting room in the ME building (ME 252). Space is a scarce resource on campus and we are incredibly fortunate. Thanks to all those that helped us out.

To celebrate, at 1:30 pm this Friday, we are going to carry a few hundred pounds of steel up 4 flights of stairs. Anybody wanna help out? We'll need at least a few extra hands. Once we have everything upstairs, hopefully we'll have time to begin putting it together. So now the various groups really do need to get moving.

Extruder #2 team - As soon as you get your extruder working, we can begin printing with Big Red. We can print parts with my machine if you need. Just let me know.

HPDE Printing team - If you would like to play around with printing parameters, print bed materials etc., you are welcome to use my MakerBot. Just let me know when you want to work and I can bring the machine in.

Shredder team - As soon as we get drawings ready I can start printing off trial parts. Don't forget the end caps.

Extruder #1 team - I'll bring what I have in to our meeting on Monday. When are we going to meet?

Boat design team - Great work. We were thinking that we could use your drawing to make a poster and advertise ourselves a bit. Any interest? Maybe talk with the funding team about this.

Funding team - I know you guys have been putting in a ton of work, and we appreciate it.

It is a busy time of the year but you will need a study break at some point. Why not use that 1/2 hour to help make the plastic boat of your dreams a reality.

UPDATE:  Putting up Big Red went rather well.  So here's some pictures of what you missed out on! ~Beth


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