Monday, May 28, 2012


Food for thought regarding Seattle Maker Faire.

Date of Maker Faire: NEXT WEEKEND!!!
 if you have not checked out the website, there is a great post about WOOF on the main page.

This will be an great opportunity to present our club to the public.  We plan on introducing a new 3d printer design, demonstrating the frostruder (which is always a big hit!), displaying the filament extruder (Thanks for all hard work Matt!), showing off our plans for Big Red/Milk Carton Derby, and giving general information about our club/future plans/dropping hints that we are always looking for donations!

We need your help to make this event a success.

I have very little event experience so I might not be thinking of everything but the things we need by next weekend are:

-Logo for the club
-plan for general layout of the space

-ideas for promotion items that can be handed out and then the actual items
-ideas and help to make our exhibit interactive and captivating
-Anything else I am not thinking of...

A couple things to remember:
--This is the clubs first public event
--How we handle this event sets the tone for the club going forward

and most importantly:
 There will be MANY wealthy people in the "maker" community in attendance at this event that encourage, with donations, the kinds of activities that the club is promoting.
We can take this to the next level if we can pull this off!

Please come tomorrow with any ideas regarding the needs listed above or anything you think will be helpful for next weekend


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