Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More time to dream...

That's right, you have more time to dream about what you will print when your printer is finished. We have delays with the cutting of the metal rods (see Brandon's comment. Valiant effort Brandon!). Also the threaded rod still  isn't in. If by any chance you just want to take your rods home and hack saw through them yourself (totally doable). Just let me know and I'll fork them over.

No casting Thursday. Cast a  thanks to Adam instead. He's got it covered. By Monday you should be caught up with everyone else as if by magic. Unforeseen scheduling issues caused the change in plan...

Sorry for all of the delays on the Clonedel build. You know what they say. "Good, Fast, Cheap... Choose two". Guess we didn't choose fast. Hopefully next week we will be back on track.

Rumor has it that we might have a spot for Big Red. We will definitely need to meet next week (date to be determined based on our potential new space) to work on the Big Red project. Hat's off to Kyle and Aaron for doing some excellent boat design and to Mark and Walter for great progress on the chipper.


  1. Hi Matt,

    I talked to you on the bus the other day when you had your Makerbot. How many rods do you need to cut? We've got a cut-off wheel in our student shop at the Nuclear Physics Lab.

    1. Hi Matt, Good to hear from you. We have 90 cuts to make in 01 tool steel. It is 8mm diameter rod. If you could help us out that would be great. We might try to cut it up this weekend with my angle grinder and a cut-off disk but we haven't planned anything yet. Shoot me an email if you think we might be able to get something set up.