Monday, May 14, 2012

Almost Ready..

Sorry for the long silence. School... Anyhow, we are still waiting on the threaded rod. Lowe's said that they would be in by the end of the week.  In the mean time, We need to cut the smooth rod that we have. Brandon volunteered to cut them in the shop. Is there anyone who would be willing to help him out? He's going to begin tomorrow afternoon. If you want to help and are shop certified come to Loew Tuesday at 3:30.

Last week we drilled all of the parts in our possession. Sorry we missed you Chris. If you have your parts at home and want to drill them out, send me an email and we can arrange a time.

As for casting,.. The the smooth cast is in and I am working on a time to go in and pour some parts. I'll post more when I have more info.

Lastly, BIG RED groups should get working. Meet on your own in small groups. Post meeting times and what you come up with on the blog. We need to get moving if we are going to finish by July.


  1. Unfortunately, the rods that we got were tool steel, and the machine shop would not let us use the bandsaw to cut them. We will need a cut-off tool in order to slice 'em up. The Robotics Club may pick one up soon, so there's a chance that can work. In addition, the FSAE team has one, so we may be able to use theirs, but we can't count on it.

    Basically this means that there won't be anything to put together on Thursday if you already have your parts casted. Sorry everyone!

    1. Also, Matt, I left the rods in the Robotics lab. The room is locked so they'll be safe, and we can grab them whenever.

  2. I just need to know what size holes I need to drill for what parts. If you have time I can stop by and mark them out, and then post pictures and sizes for what parts on the blog for everyone else who may want to know too.

    Also, if it's that big of a deal, I can arrange a time to pick up the all thread and get it cut up for everyone.

  3. Here's a link to the drill sizes:

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the pics. For the large holes, we are using 5/16 threaded rod. So drill that size or 1/64 larger to make assembly easier. As for the small holes we are using metric 3mm. There are a few spots where nuts are supposed to be inserted. Your casts will require quite a bit of cleanup to insert the 3mm nuts. An easier option is to just tap the plastic with a 3mm tap and then screw the bolts in without metal nuts. This should be strong enough and if it ever strips out, then you can take the time to clean up a spot for the nuts.