Friday, May 25, 2012

4pm Meeting Next Tues May 29: MEB252 Open 1-5 pm

The main meeting time will be 4-5 pm. The room will be open at 1pm so that anyone who can't make it at 4 can swing by and so that people can work on their machines if they want. Beginning at 4 pm we will discuss:
  • The next parts order - Questions, comments and cash
  • I'd like each group working on Big Red report on what they have so far. No worries, nothing formal.
  • Seattle Maker Fair
  • Our plans for the summer
  • Anything else? Leave a comment below.
About the parts purchase:
Clonedel frames are popping up all over the place and they need electronics, motors and a few other items. I'll have the parts list and the prices up later on today. We are hoping to submit the orders on Tuesday evening so bring your money to the meeting on Tuesday. If you can't make it to the meeting but want parts email me. I won't buy parts unless I have money. Additionally, you are free to order your own stuff if you don't want what we are getting.

About Big Red:
Work is getting done, I know the both extruder teams are moving forward. The grinding/shredding team is already in build phase.

Last night I fired up the first version of the shredded HDPE extruder and it worked like a charm. I made a video but it was so dark you can't see a thing. I'll make another this weekend. Here are some pics of it and what it made.

The extruder is basically just like the one here minus electronics and a bit rougher. I used printed gears instead of a chain to make it more compact so that Big Red can carry it around.  I now need to adjust the gear ratio a bit to keep it from burning my motor out.

Keep in mind I'm still using the plastic that is loaded with paper. All of the bumps are accompanied by a little piece of it. I made about 10 feet of the stuff. Without paper and a little higher temp, I think that we will be getting some pretty smooth thread. Maybe not filament quality but probably good enough for printing directly.

In the close up picture check out the section of plastic in the middle of the pic. Except for one fleck of paper it has is fairly consistent diameter.

This is the quick and dirty version. Now it is time to make a more professional model.

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