Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What You Missed: General Meeting 5/29

So a lot was covered at today's general meeting.
I also am going to use this blog to reveal our new logo:
 This isn't it.

Maker Faire

 Maker Fair is THIS weekend.  Adam and I are scrambling to get everything pulled together in time.  As such, we'd LOVE your help with the prep.
What we need:
~A Poster - we need a nice LARGE poster with our name (new logo) and anything else that is fast information for the various Makers to know immediately who we are and what we do
~Fliers - we need something written up that can be printed en masse and passed out to interested parties.  This should contain our various contact information: the blog, the website, the Facebook page as well as more detailed information on who we are and what we are doing
~Ideas - we'd love for more ideas on how to make our booth more interesting and interactive.  Just remember, it's THIS weekend, so we need ideas of fast/easy things to do.

E-mail Adam or I (washuu-at-uw.edu) with anything you come up with.

Volunteering at the WOOF Faire Booth:  So we ran into a glitch after the meeting when we realized that we are severely limited to the number of volunteers we can have manning the booth.  We are trying to negotiate for more slots but have to plan that we're restricted.  That being said, let Adam or I know if you are interested in volunteering at the booth and how long.  We're going to favor those who are planning/willing to volunteer more than others in order to fall under our restricted number.


Fearless Leader

Our faculty adviser, Mark Ganter stopped by at the beginning of the meeting today to introduce himself to the members.  Not only did he introduce himself but also introduced one of the Grawmets we will be unveiling  at the Faire this weekend.  Much excitement abounded.


The Seafair Milkjug Boat Race is July 14th.  We have the room ME 252 up until that point but technically have to give it up then.  We are hoping with our presence at the Maker Faire this next weekend and Seafair, that'll we'll be able to negotiate more space.

Matt, Adam, and I are taking courses this summer so we will be around and keeping a WOOF presence.  Currently, we are discussing having all day build days for those of you still around who want to work on bots or other WOOF related projects.  For those of you moving away, we are hoping to be able to still help via e-mail.


Matt took money for new parts and took down a list of missing parts.  If you are working on your own bot and had to miss the meeting, get a hold of Matt if you are missing parts/ready for new ones and want to get in on the next order.

Big Red's Progress

We got an update of the various stages of the Big Red projects.
All during the meeting Brandon (Batman) had been vigorously pounding away at Big Red's computer, sorting through the program it came with to see what it could do.  After the meeting we shot this teaser video and the image shown at the top:

And finally presenting our


This is just a semi-temporary guy.  We'd LOVE it if one of you takes on my challenge - and creates a better logo for the club.  Go embrace your inner graphic artist - I challenge you -

That's all for now!
Your hard (ish) working officer

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