Monday, June 18, 2012

Work Day on Tuesday (and today if you Like)

Sorry for the long silence. I have been out of town enjoying my couple of days of summer break during which I spent some quality time in a giant dumpster searching for plastic bottles. Between Brandon B. and me, we got about 60 lbs of milk jugs. I also spent some time removing labels etc. and now know what to do and what not to do. Today or Tomorrow John over at Scrapblasters is going to help out with the shredding. So with luck, we will be printing on Tuesday afternoon.

The Plan

Today(Monday)- I'll be around at 10:20 and can let people in to the room and depending on what I hear from John at ScrapBlasters may be able to stay and help.

Tuesday- Lets all meet up on Tuesday and work. I'll be in at 10 am. Let's plan on printing even if we need to shred plastic by hand. If you have an old iron, bring it and we can experiment with making the HDPE print bed. 

Time to start rounding up your milk jugs. Here's how to prep them:
  1.  Remove label by heating with a hair dryer (about 5-10 sec. The label must be dry for this to work well.
  2. Wash them well! I used a hose with a powerful nozzle
  3.  Remove the colored ring at top.
  4. Dry them. (I don't have a good method yet.)
  5. Crush and bag them up. 
The parts order is almost completely in. Just waiting on a couple of things. We should have some Clonedel build days shortly.

See you today or tomorrow.


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