Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Big Red: To Do

OK folks, we've been trucking along with Big Red these past few days and have finally hammered out a few more specifics of the "Big Red To Do"s.  Below is the list, as well as some more detailed info to hopefully get more people working on them without too much supervision.  (A basic list is also posted in ME 252)

Wire Routing

  • We need something that collects all the cords (power to heater, thermal couple, 12 volt for motor) so that they won't get caught but still gives full range of z-axis freedom.  We're thinking we want something that will clamp to the top and bottom of the z-axis.
  • The thermal couple (wire) needs to be extended.  Talk to Bill Kuykendall (ME Staff Engineer), he is the guy to go to for this.  We need a type K and as long a cord as we can manage.
  • The 12 volt motor will also need a switch.
  • All of the wires that connect to the extruder should have some sort of quick connect plug for easy removal.

  • The dial that controls the heater needs a better mount than masking tape

  • Over by where the wires on the x-axis come out, we need a place to set a: power strip, 12 V power supply, PID, and Relay
  • OR we need to extend the thermal couple wire such that we can rest that stuff way out of the way where they can't get bumped

Barrel Rotation

Currently the copper extruder that we have on Big Red has issues of rotating.  What is happening: as the plastic heats up and gets pushed into the barrel by the auger, the plastic is sticking the auger to the barrel, which causes the auger to actually twist the barrel.  This is bad.  What we are thinking of as a fix:
  • Tighten the copper barrel to the steel portion.  DO NOT break the copper.  The copper needs to be screwed in "snuggly" but not too tight or it could bust the brazing.
  • Tighten the steel.  When tightening the steel, DO NOT grip the copper.
Both of these need done.

(Matt worked on this yesterday. The copper continues to rotate.)


We still need your milk jugs!
  • DO NOT bring in dirty jugs.  If they stink in the slightest way, we will NOT ACCEPT them.  Remember that we are guests in this room.
  • De-label your jugs.  Best way to do this is with a hair dryer.  They have to be completely dry, but the heat from the dryer will cause the label to peal right off.  Extra emphasis on the labels being dry when you do this.  If they are wet, the glue will NOT come off.
  • Remove the plastic ring.  Feel free the crush the end to get it off or snip it off with scissors.
  • Only bring in DRY jugs

Design Build Platform

We will be posting more information about this later.

New Gears

Matt's got this covered.


Matt also has this covered.

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  1. Possible solution to the auger sticking to the barrel: Line the barrel with Teflon! We've got some in the Robotics lab that we can use. It's about millimeter thick, maybe a little less, so it may not even fit in the barrel.

    Also are we meeting tomorrow in the afternoon? I'm free from 4:15 on, but not earlier, unfortunately.