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Club Constitution

Hi Fabbers!

We still have some hoops to jump through before we are a certified UW club.  One of those hoops is constructing and approving a club constitution.  MONDAY NIGHT WE MUST HAVE A CONSTITUTION  I have pulled together a draft and need your feedback.  Below, I have posted the current draft of our constitution.  I need you guys to leave comments on what you agree/disagree with, things we should include, any re-phrasings, etc.  I have included notes on the specific areas where I need help.  But any contributions/feedback is greatly appreciated.  We want this to be a truly Group Approved Constitution.


The Constitution

Article I - Name

Section 1            The name of this organization shall be________________________[BW1] 

Article II - Purpose
Section 1             It shall be the purpose of this organization to educate interested UW students on the developmental processes and techniques of Additive Manufacturing [BW2] , including construction of the club’s own printers, use of the club’s printers for projects, and improvements upon the technology .

Article III - Affiliations
Section 1            Currently this organization holds no affiliations with any other groups inside or outside the University of Washington.

Article IV - Membership
Section 1            The majority of the membership of this organization shall consist of regularly enrolled undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Washington.  Only those members who are currently registered University of Washington students have voting privileges.
Section 2            Non-University of Washington students may have associate membership status.  This includes University faculty and staff as well as individuals not related to the University.  However, they may not have voting privileges.
Section 3            There are no eligibility requirements for this organization.

Article V - Officers
Section 1            The officers of this organization shall consist of five [BW4] official officers:
                                President: Matt Rogge
                                     Duties: Leads group gatherings and presides over non-voting decisions
                                Vice-President: Adam Commons
                                     Duties: Supports the President in his/her duties.  Takes leadership in the absence of the President 
                                Secretary: Bethany Weeks
                                     Duties: Handles the business and administrative duties required by a UW certified organization 
                               Officer Position #4:  To be determined
                                     Duties: To be determined
                               Officer Position #5:  To be determined
                                     Duties: To be determined
Section 2            All officer positions can only be held by current University of Washington students.
Section 3            Term of Office shall be one year from September 1 – August 31
Section 4            An officer can lose his/her position if they break any SAO or organizational policies and the organization members deem them un-fit for office via a vote.
Section 5             Non-elected members of the organization will support these officers in the guidance of the organization.  These sub-official  positions will form and dissolve as needed by the organization.  These non-elected members must only be current University of Washington students and consist of individuals who volunteered themselves for the role.

Article VI - Elections
Sections 1            Selection of officers shall be held within the first week of April[BW7] .  The President shall be in charge of alerting the organization’s members of the upcoming elections one month[BW8]  prior to the elections.  The President shall do this via e-mail as well as announce it in the general meeting.
Section 2            A vacancy of any non-Presidential office is acceptable if the organization will not suffer from the loss. Five officers are required to re-register as a club each year.  A vacancy of the President will result in the organization’s faculty adviser appointing a member to the position until an emergency vote can be completed.
Section 3            Voting will take place via online poll, from which candidates will be elected through a relative majority of the total voting population.  If there is a tie, a second vote will be cast between those candidates.  If a tie still remains, those candidates will be declared co-officers and share the responsibilities of that position.

Article VII - Meetings
Section 1            Regular meetings regarding operation of this organization shall be held monthly[BW10]  and must be attended by all officers.  These meetings times will be posted on the organization’s website and via e-mail.  Non-operational meetings will be held as deemed by the members and for organizational events.
Section 2             A quorum shall consist of the President and one half of the other elected officers[BW11] .

Article VIII – Executive Board[BW12] 
Section 1            Management of this organization shall be vested in a board of directors[BW13] .
Section 2            The board shall consist of the elected officers and faculty advisers.  They will be equal in power and not have titles.  Faculty advisers will not have voting privileges but may, and are encouraged to, state their opinions on the matter.
Section 3            Powers and duties will be shared and agreed upon by the board members
Section 4            Reports to members will be made if the board deems it is necessary or if at least one member requests such a report be made.  In such as the latter case, the report will only be made upon request.

Article IX – Advisers
Section 1            There shall be at least one faculty adviser, staff adviser, or sponsor acting as adviser who shall be ex-officio members with no voting privileges.
Section 2            Selection of an adviser will be based upon knowledge of Additive Manufacturing[BW14]  and its related subjects in order to develop and further the goals and purpose of the organization.
Section 3             Duties of the advisers will be to sit in upon the board of directors as well as provide expert knowledge that assists, leads, and develops the goals and purpose of the organization.

Article X – Dues[BW15] 
Section 1            Members shall pay dues in the amount of ___ on a _________ basis for access to the organization’s printing resources.
Section 2            (Section on the provision for accounting procedures for the allocation of funds, maintenance of the bank account, etc - To be determined)

Article XI Constitutional Amendments
Section 1            The constitution may be amended by a vote of two-thirds[BW16]  majority membership at any regular or special meeting.
Section 2            Notice of amendments must be made to the organization’s members two weeks in[BW17]  advance of voting unless deemed an emergency by the faculty advisor.

Approval Date:

 [BW1]There will be a separate discussion for Naming

 [BW2]Needs a better phrase/descriptive - Anyone know of a better version of "Additive Manufacturing?"

 [BW3]Again, I don’t feel this is the right descriptive

 [BW4]These were all self-appointed in the interest of the organization do to the immediacy of the need for leaders.  Please let me know if you disagree with the appointments and require an emergency election.  We need to determine when this emergency appointment ends and hold a regular club election for the next period of office.   Also we NEED two more officers to qualify for club certification.  If you are interested please attend Monday's meeting (4/23 at 4:30 ME 246)

 [BW7]Just randomly chose a date

 [BW8]Again random choice

 [BW9]I cannot think of an elegant way to state this.

 [BW10]Again random choice

 [BW11]SOOO confused about what this section is about in the sample.  I just made something up. – I actually had to look up what “Quorum” means

 [BW12]I do NOT understand why they have Elected officials and an Executive Board.  So if anyone understands the difference and need for this section, please explain it to me.  It is a required section.

 [BW13]Anybody know the difference between a Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and Executive Board?

 [BW14]Again I feel I could use a better phrase/descriptor of what we are doing

 [BW15]We will be discussing this on Monday

 [BW16]Random Choice

 [BW17]More Randomness

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