Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Come One Come All Meeting a Success

New and potential WOOF members in WOOF workroom
New and potential members talking with WOOF officers in the workroom
WOOF held a Come One Come All meeting in the Mechanical Engineering Building at 5:00PM on Monday September 29th. The meeting was well attended by members who had joined the WOOF mailing list at the First Year Programs Dawg Daze and during orientation meetings for the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Departments. An email announcing the meeting was sent out resulting in a nice influx of new members. A pre-meeting starting at 4:45PM was hosted by WOOF officer Mark Hanson (Download the slide deck here: WOOF Intro to 3D Printing Slides) who gave a lecture on 3D Printing and WOOF. Our club President Jeff Bergeson welcomed attendees and gave an overview of WOOF. Our Director of Operations Dana Henshaw then gave a run down on available projects, directing interested people to the different project leads. The meeting broke down into groups around the different projects. Conversations and tours of the WOOF room continued past 7:00PM. WOOF is off to a strong start. We are looking forward to continuing to reach out to the campus and wider off-campus communities and the 3D Printing Industry. If you are interested in joining WOOF or would like more information send us an email at: woof3d@uw.edu


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