Friday, September 26, 2014

WOOF Successful Outreach at UW Dawg Daze

Jeff and Kim at the WOOF booth

Wednesday and Thursday September 24th and 25th WOOF participated in the University of Washington’s annual First Year Programs Dawg Daze (  held in Red Square. In wind and rain, WOOF used the opportunity to introduce interested students to some of WOOF’s projects, encourage them to sign up for the mailing list and to attend the upcoming “Come One Come All” meeting. On display were a collection of 3D objects printed in a variety of materials such as poly lactic acid (PLA), a carbon fiber composite PLA and recycled HDPE. Running off of a 12 volt Fire Engine battery and a power inverter was this year's printer kit - the Printrbot - offered for sale to anyone interested in building their own 3D printer. Enthusiasm for the club was high with 290 students expressing interest. WOOF welcomes new members from all backgrounds and levels of experience. Anyone is welcome to drop by the WOOF room - Room G045 on the ground floor (almost the basement) of the UW's Mechanical Engineering Building (MEB G045).
Printrbot, filament, and objects printed and cast in different materials: PLA, Carbon Fiber Composite PLA and Brass


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