Friday, December 7, 2012

Workday Vote

The room will be open Noon to 5pm on Saturday. If you want a chance to get intensives, tutorials, troubleshooting, or unwind from studying on finals, I (Brandon B.) will be in there to help you with anything I can.  Reprappers come in too if you are still having trouble.

Since I cannot be present for the build day this coming Friday, I am offering two days for builds. As always noon-5:00pm and pick a Monday or Wednesday
                                      ... and a Tuesday or Thursday.

Vote in comment section  example  Brandon B.  Monday & Thursday.

Thursday seems to be definitive.
I will post the decision on Monday or Wednesday tonight @ 9:00pm

Ok so it is 10:30pm, and I veto Wednesday for Monday... because ,well, everyone but Ben can make it Thursday. Sorry Bing.

The WOOF room will be open for build days
Monday   Dec 10th Noon -5:00pm
Thursday Dec 13th Noon -5:00pm

Hope to see your there,
~Brandon B.


  1. Wednesday and Thursday!

  2. Thursday! And, Monday or Wednesday are both equal.
    -Rose Beede

  3. Wednesday and Thursday work for me too!

  4. Wednesday and Thursday!!! Please!!!!!!

  5. Monday is the only day that could work for me....

    -Ben W

  6. Well, thank you for going out of your way for me...but unfortunately my plans just changed and it looks like I won't be able to come after all :(...have fun building printers without me!

    -Ben W

  7. Oh Thursday is good! I actually got a lot of work done today on my Grawlmet this evening while Brandon was there.