Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Keep it clean, folks

With our recent influx of Grawmet orders, people have been excited to work on their 3D printers. Club members are free to use the workshop and our tools to help them with the Grawmet, Clonedel, or any other project you may have. Before one gains access to all of this, you must go through a safety briefing with one of WOOF's officers. One of the first things we go over in the briefing is cleanliness.

If you make a mess while working, you are expected to clean it up. You should always allot yourself 5-10 minutes at the end of a work session to tidy up your area. Some examples of tidying up include:

  • Putting tools back
    • Don't leave calipers, screwdrivers, etc. out on the table. Tools should be put back when you are done with the tool, not when you are done working. (This goes double for the calipers, they should be placed back into their case to avoid breaking them)
    • If you take a drill bit off of the drill press or a hand drill, DO NOT place it on the table. It goes back in it's appropriate place immediately. This makes it easy to find the drill bit size that you want later. We have already lost 2-3 drill bits.
    • Unplug and store power tools (This does not apply to stationary tools like the drill press). Dremels, heat guns, etc. should not be left out on the table, and should definitely not be left plugged in.
  • Sweeping up shavings and trash
    • If you use the sander or the drill press, please do a quick sweep at the end of your session. The dustpan should be next to the tool boxes. Otherwise, there is a huge mess at the end of the day that someone has to clean up.
    • If you are using hand drills, please sweep up before you leave, or else these shavings just get in everyone else's way.
    • Polyurethane dust is EXTREMELY slippery on cement floors, so, for safety's sake, don't just push your mess onto the ground. Always use a dustpan.
  • Storing your items appropriately
    • Once your Grawmet is assembled enough to not fit in your kit box, it should be stored out of the way. One great way to store your Grawmet is to rent a locker out in the hallway. It is totally secure, and you'll have access to it even if the workroom is closed and locked

Our workroom is often treated with surprise visits from faculty members, students, and many others. We would much rather everyone see a nice clean room full of 3D printers, rather than a dirty one. Please remember to clean up!

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