Tuesday, April 1, 2014

PAWS-On-Science Event

Hey you WOOFers,

This Saturday will be the PAWS-On-Science event! We're going to be sharing a booth with the UW Garbology team, and will be discussing our work in sustainability at UW. We're going to be focusing on Big Red, and how we've taken material from the waste stream and have used it in printing.

We will also be talking about 3D Printing in general. We'll have a couple printers there, making things!

This is a great opportunity to teach some kids about 3D printing, and get them excited about the technology! All WOOF members are welcome to register: This is also a great way for YOU to learn about printing. We guarantee that by the end of the day, you'll be an expert at talking about these printers!

The event is from 10AM to 6PM this Saturday, April 5th. It's not required to attend the entire session! We'll be heading down for setup at around  8:30 - 9AM.

The venue will be the Pacific Science Center:
200 2nd Ave N
Seattle, Washington, 98109

Here's the link to register

Fill out your information as needed. The "Title of Booth/Group Name" is WOOF and UW Garbology. On the second page, hit "no" for "Does your activity require access to water". You can also leave all the check boxes on the 3rd page blank, since we don't need to register for any training sessions.

Please send woof3D@uw.edu an email if you do register, so we can get a tally of how many people we can expect!

See you there!

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