Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another Update

Hi all,

To keep all you fine folks up to date with our progress I wanted to let you know we're still chugging away at preparing the kits. Big thanks to those who helped distribute parts into the kits last week. There is a better than 50% chance that the kits will be ready by the end of business Friday (7 MAR). Here are the bullet points of our current state:

  • We have made a determination that we will include power supplies with all the kits. You can thank the club's newest friend, Steve Weidner, for our ability to do so.
  • The last of the ordered parts should arrive by the end of the week. There's only one order we think might not arrive on time, but I'm working on a workaround in case it is delayed.
  • We're making headway on the documentation. Those of you who chose to build your printer on your own should have great assembly instructions. Thanks to Mark 13 and Rose for all their work on it so far.
  • We're still working on machining the various parts. Thanks to shopmaster Eamon for helping us in this department.
  • Printed parts are printing. Thanks to Prof. Ganter for giving us use of the bots in his lab. It's been a printing party all weekend!

    Running 5 bots simultaneously is harder than you might think, but makes you feel super productive.
Thanks to those of you who responded to my email survey last week (sent on 21 FEB). If you didn't receive the email please reach out to me so I can get it to you. If you did receive it and haven't responded yet please dig through your inbox and respond. We are using the responses to establish build seminars for the kits. In the next few days we'll have scheduled time slots you can sign up for to come in and build your bot. Our goal is 100% completion by the time spring quarter starts.

Until next time, Don't Forget to be Awesome.


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