Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finishing Your Grawmet 1

Hey all,

There are a number of you who have not finished your Grawmet kits. We realize that there a few reasons this has happened like classes, schedule conflicts, and/or uncertainty of how to proceed. We want to help you finish up so we're trying something new.

On Mondays after the general meeting, we will begin having structured intensive build seminars. What these will consist of is a few experienced Grawmet teachers leading a group of builders through a specific stage of the build.

The general meeting starts at 4:30. After club business is taken care of we'll start to rock on the builds. Our schedule is as follows:

6 MAY - Base
13 MAY - X carriage
20 MAY - Extruder

After all of these seminars you will be ready to start printing and calibrating. You'll finally be ready to start printing off your own parts on your own machine!

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