Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Notice of Room Use

The ME department has been very kind to allow us to use ME 252 as our home base. This term, the ME 356 class will need to use the room for approximately 3 weeks for a class project. In order to help make the room work well for ME 356, we are asking all WOOF members to remove their personal belongings from the room. This means printers, parts, tools etc. The more stuff we can temporarily remove,  the easier it will be for ME 356. Let's make it as convenient for them as possible so that we are welcomed back. Any items that are not removed will be temporarily hidden in Big Red or stored along the window sill.  This all needs happen by this Thursday. Sorry for the short notice. If you'd like to pick up something and need to be let into the room send an email to any of the officers or email woof3d@uw.edu.

During the next few weeks, plan on having very limited access, if any, to the WOOF room.

Please spread the word. This needs to happen this week.



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