Saturday, July 14, 2012


Come out and show your support.

We are across from the Radio Disney booth at Greenlake.  Our scheduled race time is 12:30 and again at 1:15.


We did it and had a wonderful time at the Seafair Milk Carton Derby today.
After finishing 2nd  - photo by Alicia
We had some issues at the beginning as the Seafair crew didn't know how to categorize our very unique boat.  However, we worked things out and got to race in the Adult 14+ Racing category and placed an unofficial 2nd!  So way to go WOOF.

I want to thank everyone who came down to see us.  We had a ball.  I also want to personally thank our wonderful WOOF volunteers: Matt, Adam, Brandon B, Brandon P, Mark, Chris, and Morgan for coming down and helping show the public what WOOF is about.

Finally, Thank You Seafair.  We threw you a curveball and we appreciated you working with us and allowing us to go out and play and show the public a new form of recycling.  We hope to see you next year with an even better boat (and hopefully see some great competition in this new field)


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